Fire-gutted shelter rises from the ashes to help animals again

November 4, 2010

In May, the shelter owned by the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society was gutted by a fire. This week, it reopened.

While the permanent facility is still in the works, they’re on their way back to normalcy, and not a moment too soon:

“The need has never been more urgent,” [says Executive Director Stacey Street]. “As the recession deepens, more and more animals are ending up in municipal shelters that are already at capacity. So, sadly, along with the loss of the 15 cats who perished on May 20, the tragedy of this fire has been the estimated 400 or more animals that did not get rescued because our facility was damaged.”

Adds Virginia Gray, president of the board of directors: […] “The expense of our day-to-day operations is our most compelling challenge. We very much need cash donations and foster homes to make it possible for us to achieve our goal of returning to full operations when we reoccupy our facility[…].”

They estimate they’ll need $4 million for the final phase of the new facility, and to date they’ve raised about $600,000.

Prop B passes: Missouri’s Proposition B  passed in last night’s election. It won’t be taking effect for another year, but its supporters are still happy with the vote. This continues the trend of states toughening restrictions on puppy mills.

Ferals saved in Lehigh Valley: When I reported on the story last month, I had no confidence it would have a happy ending. The Morning Call of Allentown confirms the feral colony encroaching on Lehigh Valley Airport will be saved, thanks in large part to an agreement with Allentown’s No Nonsense Neutering.

The problem with drug shortages: When drugs needed by veterinarians are in short supply, or are recalled, it doesn’t just create inconveniences.  Pets die. Of all the times I’ve recommended blog posts by Pet Connection BFF Dr. Patty Khuly, I can’t say that one of her pieces got me choked up — until this one. Tremendous writing, combined with a punch-in-the-gut message. Don’t miss it.

Pet travel advice: I love Consumer Reports. I use them for reviews of appliances, cars, all kinds of stuff. I never saw them talk about traveling with pets before. Just goes to show they cover everything. If you’ve never done these sorts of questions — we’ve taken Cami and Harry with us to lots of inns, and I’m Mister Research — Teh Google is your friend. Look for “pet friendly” and the city/town you’re visiting, and all kinds of great advice pops up.

The feel good story of the day…comes to us from New York’s Hudson Valley.  More than a dozen kittens were abandoned by the side of a busy road, left for dead.  Remember, it’s November. Balmy it’s not. Who found them?  A veterinary technician! The story is in the Times Herald-Record. In light of a recent post by Dr. Becker, I thought you might appreciate just one more happy anecdote.   See you Monday!

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Image credits: Berkeley East Bay first arrivals, Tigger, Steve Borland, Times Herald-Record.

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  1. Speaking of found kittehs. A friend of mine who was, at the time, a Veterinary receptionist found a kitten inside of a cardboard box in the middle of a busy street. Don’t ask me how she knew he was in there, but she saved him. A cute orange kitteh. I named him for her “Chuck-me-cheese”. She kept him.

    Comment by Jill — November 4, 2010 @ 3:05 pm

  2. You gotta love the local fire dept! I became friends with the local fire dept when I moved to Carpentersville IL. They are all BIG Animal lovers! I’m officially the fire departments pet sitter! They keep my info up at all times in the fire house & I sit for lots of the firefighters families when they take trips. The perk I get – they are directly behind my home & often times say good morning to me when I’m heading out to work! If I ever need them they are always right there for me!

    Comment by Shannon — November 5, 2010 @ 8:13 am

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